Source address affinity persistence

Source address affinity persistence, also known as simple persistence, tracks sessions based only on the source IP address. When a client requests a connection to a virtual server that supports source address affinity persistence, Local Traffic Manager checks to see if that client previously connected, and if so, returns the client to the same pool member.
The persistence mask feature works only for virtual servers that implement source address affinity persistence. By adding a persistence mask, you identify a range of source IP addresses to manage together as a single source address affinity persistent connection when connecting to the pool.

Source address affinity persistence profile

Default Value
Specifies a unique name for the profile. This setting is required.
No default value
Persistence Type
Specifies the type of persistence profile. This setting is required.
Source Address Affinity
Match Across Services
Specifies that all persistent connections from a client IP address that go to the same virtual IP address also go to the same node.
Disabled (Cleared)
Match Across Virtual Servers
Specifies that all persistent connections from the same client IP address go to the same node.
Disabled (Cleared)
Match Across Pools
Specifies that the BIG-IP system can use any pool that contains this persistence entry.
Disabled (Cleared)
Specifies the duration, in seconds, of a persistence entry. For background information on setting timeout values, see Chapter 1, Introducing BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager.
Possible values are:
Specify: Specifies the number of seconds before the persistence entry expires.
Indefinite: Specifies that the persistence entry does not expire.
Specifies the mask that the BIG-IP system should use before matching with an existing persistence entry.
Map Proxies
Enables or disables proxy mapping.
Enabled (Checked)
Override Connection Limit
Specifies, when checked (enabled), that the system allows you to specify that pool member connection limits are overridden for persisted clients. Per-virtual connection limits remain hard limits and are not overridden.
Disabled (Cleared)
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