Backup and Recovery


We have lot of options for backups in checkpoint. Check the screen above. There is:

  • DB Version – when we pushed out the policy we had option to create the backup of database. Inside of database are objects and policy.
  • Backup – We already did this type of backup in the CLI. This includes the GAiA config and CP Dbase.
  • Image/Snapshot – We are taking image of entire OS. We can do it from CLI or directly accessing device via HTTPS.

One note. GAiA doesnt have the „sysconfig“ command anymore, where you can set the DNS, DHCP… You can set these settting via „set“ command or directly accessing via HTTPS.

When you access the device directly via HTTPS you have lots of options like in CLI. Check the screen. You can add via gui routes, configure the VRRP HA or set the ARP, Network interfaces configuration, etc… You can do all the things that are not available via the smart dashboard.

http access