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UCSM Overall Architecture

The architecture of UCSM consists of multiple layers with well-defined boundaries. External interfaces provide communication with the outside world. The Data Management Engine (DME) is the central service that manages the components of a UCS. Application gateways act as a hardware abstraction layer between the DME and the managed End-Points (EPs). The EPs are the actual devices or entities  Full Article…

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UCSM Operating Principles

Policies UCSM is a policy-driven device manager. Policies control behaviors and configurations. They control how a server or other components of the UCS will act or be affected in specific circumstances. The UCSM has a large number of different policies.These policies describe and control all aspects of the UCS such as network, storage, server configurations, and system behavior. Rules are defined  Full Article…

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UCSM integration with VMWare

Virtualization Support. UCS virutalization support includes VN-Link hardware capable adapters, provisioning of vNIC through policies and configuring VIFs. Support for integration with VMware is embedded in the service-profiles, which allows for dynamic VIFs definition and policy consumption. Multiple dynamic vNIC connection policies can be created and each of the policies defines a number of dynamic vNICs. A service  Full Article…

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Backup and Restore of UCS Manager

UCSM stores all the object information and their states in a local database; in a HA-configuration, the database is always replicated to the peer Fabric Interconnect, and each Fabric Interconnect contains a running database. The data stored in the database can be backed up or restored. There are currently two available options for backup: Full state backup Configuration-only  Full Article…

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