SDN and Network Programmability


  • Market Trends
  • SDN and Network Programmability
  • Controllers Perspective
  • Infrastructure Perspective
  • Holistic approach for Network Programmability
  • Key Take-aways

Market Trends

There are lots of technology transitions happening in the industry. You can see it past 3-5 years in our field. For example connected devices outnumbered people in 2016 (mobility), 300K applications available in 2010 now its 2 millions (devops, containers), more data created in 2016 than in the past 5000 years (big data analytics), 80% of all new enterprise apps were deployed in the cloud in 2014-16 (SDx, NFV, SDNFV). Note: SDx is software define everything as now dont talk just about network but also about software define security etc.

Because all of these technology transitions, there are new trends and new fields in our industry (the thing in parentherses like devops, sdn, containers, big data) and the classic PPDIOO lifecycle is now very different. In fact the whole „IT“ changes rapidly.