Connecting the FW to MGMT server

If you want to use the smartConsole applications for managing the FWs, login to mgmg server via https and click on head border to download now the smartconsole. After downloading you just install it 😉 You will see a loooot of applications. You can install all. Main application for managing the fw is called SmartDashboard. For the logs we will use the SmartView Tracker (one log file in a time) and SmartLog (search through many log files) tools.

When you connect to the mgmt server via smartdash you go to network objects, checkpoint and add new security gateway. Then you just put the information like ip address, name and mark all the features like firewall, ipsec, antibot, etc… that you have license for. This features are called „blades“. The most important thing however is to fix the secure internal communication (SIC). SIC has been setup during installation on the FW. It is password you have to put to mgmt server to authenticate yourself and communicate with fw. You can set it up in the same window.

Generally everything works in checkpoint policies by referring the objects in checkpoint database. You identify resources on network, network by itself, devices, gateways, firewalls etc… based on objects inside of a checkpoint database stored in a mgmt server.